What Is the WebP Format and How to Avoid It

WebP is a type of image format developed by Google that is designed to provide smaller file sizes and faster loading times for images on the web. It is based on the VP8 image format and uses lossy and lossless compression algorithms to reduce the size of images without sacrificing quality.

There are several ways to avoid the WebP format, depending on your specific needs and preferences:

  1. Use a different image format: If you don’t want to use the WebP format, you can choose to use a different image format instead. Some common alternatives to WebP include JPEG, PNG, and GIF.
  2. Use an image conversion tool: If you have existing images in the WebP format that you want to convert to a different format, you can use an image conversion tool to do so. There are many image conversion tools available online that can convert WebP images to other formats, such as XnConvert or CloudConvert.
  3. Use a web browser that does not support WebP: If you don’t want to use the WebP format on your own computer or device, you can use a web browser that does not support the WebP format. Some examples of web browsers that do not support WebP include Internet Explorer and Safari.
  4. Use a plugin or extension to disable WebP: If you use a web browser that does support WebP and

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