Why Netflix Asks “Are You Still Watching?” (And How to Turn It Off)

Netflix presents the notification “Are you still enjoying? ” when a user has actually been actually regularly streaming web content for an extended period of your time. This information is indicated to urge the individual to confirm that they are actually still proactively seeing the content, in contrast to leaving it playing in the background.

The objective of this message is to improve the individual knowledge through making sure that consumers are actually enjoying the information that they are actually streaming, as opposed to allowing it to play in the background while they do other factors. It additionally assists Netflix to much better understand consumer behavior and also enhance its recommendations and content.

If you wish to switch off the “Are you still seeing? ” notification, you can possibly do therefore through complying with these steps:

  1. Head to your Netflix profile setups.
  2. Scroll down to the “Playback Setup ” area.
  3. Uncheck package beside “Inquire if I am actually still seeing after pair of hrs. “
  4. Note that this setup is actually account-specific, so you will certainly require to switch it off for each individual account on your Netflix profile.

    It ‘s likewise worth keeping in mind that the “Are you still enjoying? ” message might still appear if you stop playback for a prolonged time period or if you quickly onward or even rewind the content. This is since Netflix assumes that you might not be actually definitely checking out the information during these activities.

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